The Writers

SmileAnna is a chronic whistler with a passion for rolling down hills and climbing trees. She dreams about melodramas and Minnesota politics and hopes to one day play Professor Harold Hill in the Music Man. In her spare time, she teaches middle school math in Baltimore and runs the children and youth programs at a DC church.



Bermuda lounge chairJackie loves food and is constantly planning her next meal. She loves to travel, although she does not get to do so as often as she would like. She studied government at Georgetown, and currently works at a nonprofit in DC. She loves history and politics, and is probably the “J.” in front of “Crew,” but you didn’t hear it from us.


Jenny is a recent grad school survivor. Don’t ask her about Oxford commas.




Katherine is the only person on this blog to have spent any relevant amount of time outside of the DC or NY areas in the past year. She currently lives in New Orleans, where she’s figuring out what to do with her life just like seemingly everyone else in their mid-20s. Hopefully her art history background and Masters in Art Crime will help her out with that.



Lindsay has worked for NOAA, so she is instantly the coolest person writing for this blog. She recently received a masters in early childhood education at American University and has now officially entered real life. She is hoping to stay in DC to pursue a teaching and/or education policy career. Either way, lets hope this happens!




Mara is a Georgetown alum (go Hoyas!) and an analyst with a research and communications firm in DC. She is a prolific bagel-judger and thoroughly enjoys watching Say Yes to the Dress to determine which part of New York the brides are from – using only their accents. If you ever want to talk to someone about feminism, the demise of American figure skating, college basketball, or the Washington Nationals, she’s your girl. She also really appreciates a poorly-made political ad.

Meghan has a TON of pictures with this adorable bulldog, Jack, whom I kind of want to smother with love at every moment. While at Georgetown, she was a classics major, which means that things she studied include Latin, archaeology, and Hellenistic history, and things she didn’t study include Dickens, Shakespeare, and music. She’d like to thank the office for the reading material. Also available on Twitter.


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