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How to Attend a Conference Without Going to a Single Talk

My digs at ICCB2013.

I am spending about half my week this week with about 1500 students, academics, and practitioners at the International Congress for Conservation Biology being held in Baltimore, MD. (One thing you should know right away is that the conference has a mascot, Clawdia the blue crab.) I’m attending as an exhibitor, which means I’m spending most of my time at the booth, but I still wanted to give you a sense of some of the cool ideas being discussed, so I’ve put together a Storify of tweets from Tuesday’s events.

WordPress has apparently decided not to play well with others, so no embed, but check it out at: [View the story “Tuesday at #ICCB2013” on Storify]. ICCB2013 runs through Thursday and is being well-tweeted.