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What should I eat for lunch today?

In the midst of applying to jobs while trying to decompress the fact I have a master’s degree, I decided it was time to make a few changes in my life. It is time to finally start incorporating a healthy diet in my lifestyle along with a daily routine of exercising. I try to exercise when I can but of course, like many people, I always find an excuse not to work out. Even though when I do, I feel so much better and it relieves all my stress. What I have recently noticed in my post graduate life is not only is the exercise important, but the diet is as equally if not more important, not only for weight loss but also to stay active, relieve stress, clearer skin, and a general healthy.

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Real Life

I just recently received a master’s in early childhood education over the weekend. I feel like that is a great accomplishment and am really proud of myself for all the hard work I had done over the past two years. However, walking across the stage receiving my diploma this time around was a different feeling as opposed to two years ago.

Days following up to my master’s graduation were filled with remarks of Congratulations or You are graduating with your master’s, that’s huge. I know this is a big deal but because I walked receiving my bachelors, I was feeling different emotions graduating with my masters than I did graduating with my bachelors.

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