What should I eat for lunch today?

In the midst of applying to jobs while trying to decompress the fact I have a master’s degree, I decided it was time to make a few changes in my life. It is time to finally start incorporating a healthy diet in my lifestyle along with a daily routine of exercising. I try to exercise when I can but of course, like many people, I always find an excuse not to work out. Even though when I do, I feel so much better and it relieves all my stress. What I have recently noticed in my post graduate life is not only is the exercise important, but the diet is as equally if not more important, not only for weight loss but also to stay active, relieve stress, clearer skin, and a general healthy.

Because I decided to enact this new change, I recently took a metabolic quiz to see what was the best way to lose weight and be a healthier me.  This quiz determined what kind of “type” I was and once that was determined, I could design what combination of foods would work best for me.  Following a 50 question quiz, my results showed that I am a protein type, which basically means for my body, I need to eat mostly protein at every meal. There is also a carb and fat type, which would involve eating most of those kinds of foods at every meal, but since I tested negative on both of those categories, I focused and am still currently focusing on my protein diet.

This does not mean I could not eat carbs or fats in my new diet. It just means that I can only have a minimal amount of these types of foods with my proteins. What I found interesting was the foods that were classified as carbs and fats. I was not surprised to see the standard protein choices like chicken, fish, eggs, and steak, but I was surprised to find that this test considered cottage cheese and nut butter as proteins. I was happy to see that because I love both of these and the fact that I can incorporate them into my diet more was very exciting. For fats, I was surprised to find that cheese was considered one along with avocados and olive oil. Nevertheless, the most shocking realization throughout this whole process was what was considered a carb according to this quiz. Every fruit and vegetable are considered carbs! So not to completely ruin anyone’s day but just when you feel good by eating a carb free meal with grilling a piece of chicken and some vegetables, it is false advertising. Vegetables are considered carbs. Hang tight because this is not completely bad news! The good news is vegetables are still very good for you because they are considered the good carbs as opposed to the bad ones such as pasta and bread, but I learned that because my body does not break up the carbs as fast no matter if the carb is good or bad, I have to portion it strictly. For example, if I want to lose the weight I desire, I am limited to one carb. I could either choose 1 cup of vegetables or half of a small sweet potato, quinoa, grains of some sort, or fruit, etc.

My point in telling you all this is ever since taking on this new lifestyle, I have not felt deprived of missing the foods I used to eat. I have found that the combination of proteins, fats, and carbs I can eat a day have been very satisfying. Reinventing, so to speak, myself  I have seen and felt changes. I am emerging into a happier, healthier person. I hope this continues! Everybody keep me on track.

If you want to learn more about the diet and take the quiz, go to beyonddiet.com.


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