Real Life

I just recently received a master’s in early childhood education over the weekend. I feel like that is a great accomplishment and am really proud of myself for all the hard work I had done over the past two years. However, walking across the stage receiving my diploma this time around was a different feeling as opposed to two years ago.

Days following up to my master’s graduation were filled with remarks of Congratulations or You are graduating with your master’s, that’s huge. I know this is a big deal but because I walked receiving my bachelors, I was feeling different emotions graduating with my masters than I did graduating with my bachelors.

Looking back, I did not want to leave college. I loved my classes, my friends, my professors and the college atmosphere that embarking into a graduate program was a change I was scared to encounter. There was a little bit of excitement since I was going to study a specific field of education that I was interested in while living up the city life meeting new people and having new experiences. I could not really think about that at the time because the thought of breaking away from my second family was much sadder. Even though we would all go separate ways after, graduation itself was extremely fulfilling because I was able to share this experience with my friends I have gotten to know like family over the past four years. The bachelors signified much more than just the diploma: it represented the college experience.

Masters was completely different. I had walked across the stage for my bachelors that the feeling of walking to receive another diploma was nothing new. Yes it was a new diploma and a higher level of academic achievement so that was exciting. My experience attaining my master’s degree was more academically focused than attaining my bachelors. With my bachelors, the whole college experience was represented. With my masters, I felt that my pride in my academic experiences was represented more.  All the hard work paid off with walking across that stage to receive my master’s degree. Unlike undergrad, I do not have a set plan for what is to come. So of course this change has yet again created a daunting feeling but this might even be more daunting because it is unknown of what might happen now. Lets hope something works out with all the hard work paid off over the past couple years!

But now, on to bigger and better things with the first step of job applications.


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